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Enabling a self-sustaining nation

The Copper arm of Vedanta is central to the Group’s business.

Vedanta has copper smelting and mining operations across India, Australia and Zambia. 79.4% of our Zambian copper business (Konkola Copper Mines is directly owned by Vedanta Resources. The Indian and Australian copper business is directly held by Vedanta Ltd., a subsidiary of Vedanta Resources. The copper division (Sterlite Copper) at Vedanta Ltd. is a custom smelter at Tuticorin, India. In addition, the company also owns the Mt. Lyell copper mine in Tasmania, Australia, which provides a small percentage of the copper concentrate requirements of the Tuticorin smelter. Vedanta Resources owns a controlling 62.9 % stake in Vedanta Limited. Since its inception in 1996, Sterlite Copper has steadily grown to become one of India's leading contributors to copper production, contributing up to 36% of India’s demand for refined copper and the business unit consists of Copper Smelter, refinery, sulphuric acid plant, phosphoric acid plant, and copper rod plant at Tuticorin in southern India and a refinery and two Copper rod plants at Silvassa in western India.

Our Zambian operations, Konkola Copper Mines plc (KCM) is one of Africa's largest integrated copper producers. KCM has mines at Konkola, Nchanga and Nampundwe.

At Konkola, we have the flagship Konkola Deep Mining Project (KDMP), which involves expanding the production of copper ore at the Konkola mine by accessing the rich ore body that lies beneath what the current operations have been exploiting. This involves the sinking of a new mine shaft to the depth of 1,500 metres, the deepest new shaft sinking project in Africa. The Nchanga mining operations are situated in the vicinity of the town of Chingola. Primary copper and cobalt are mined here through both underground and open pits. In Nampundwe, we have an underground pyrite mine and concentrator. These are located in the Central Province of Zambia, approximately 50 kilometres west of Lusaka.

  • Copper is an essential commodity of everyday life
  • Copper is a wonder metal with anti-corrosive properties
  • Because of its high electrical conductivity, durability, and malleability, copper is integral to renewable energy systems, electric vehicles, batteries, and driving other aspects of Clean Energy
  • Copper is also used for making cables, transformers, castings, motors and castings, and alloy-based products
  • One of the largest copper producers in India, contributing to 36% market share
  • 0.4 kg per capita of copper is consumed in India today
  • Demand for copper is expected to grow at a CAGR of 12.1% in India
  • Copper will aid the growth of clean energy systems and the electric automotive industry
  • Copper consumption in India and China is expected to increase by 19% and 0.9% respectively
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Advancing responsible operations

Vedanta Copper has been committed to operating as a responsible business to the highest international standards of sustainability and corporate governance. We are focused to achieve zero harm, zero waste, zero discharge, and promoting social inclusion across our operations.

Puneet Khurana

We, at Copper, aim for delivering quality excellence powered by responsible and sustainable operations. As we step into a new financial year, our vision will be supported by revolutionizing our products through Digital Innovation and Green Technologies. We are committed to preserving the environment and promoting the mindful utilization of natural resources. In our quest for ESG leadership, we are implementing good green practices like the adoption of sustainable packaging, switching to 100% clean fuels, and lowering our overall carbon footprint, allowing us to truly manifest Vedanta’s spirit of transforming for good.

Puneet Khurana

Deputy Chief Executive Officer
Sterlite Copper - Silvassa and
Fujairah Gold


To leverage future technologies and contribute to nation building, by ensuring self-sufficiency and sustained capabilities of copper production in the country.

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