Empowering Communities with Focused Action

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At Vedanta Limited, we have identified focussed community development areas, where we undertake dedicated efforts to drive holistic and scalable development. In FY 2023, we spent 454 crore on various community programmes benefiting ~44 million people. In the last five years, we have spent more than 1,750 crore on community development actions. Further, we participate in initiatives of national importance such as disaster mitigation, rescue, relief and rehabilitation. Since the last three years of the COVID-19-triggered emergency, we have been undertaking efforts to protect our employees and communities under the Vedanta Cares programme.


Marching ahead to make a difference

For nearly two decades, Vedanta has weaved social impact initiatives into the Company's core ethos that help bring positive change. Vedanta has been making a difference through healthcare, education, skilling, livelihood programs, and providing inclusive development opportunities for the community at large.

Social Performance and Social Licence to Operate

At Vedanta, we are building systems that will help build trust with local communities and thereby enhance our social licence to operate. Our processes are meant to regularly engage with community members and ensure that they are consulted/made aware of aspects of corporate performance that may impact their lives. Under the aegis of "Social Performance", we have constituted 'Social Performance Steering Committees' across all our sites. The SPSCs have been created to ensure that site management has comprehensive visibility to all community expectations and concerns and respond in a co-ordinated manner that helps build community trust.

All sites have grievance mechanism cells and well-laid-down procedures to handle community grievances transparently and in a timely manner.

The SPSCs also help ensure that:
i. All social incidents are investigated and closed in a systematic manner
ii. The site takes mitigative and pre-emptive action on any operational elements that may cause harm to the community
iii. There are strategies in place to ensure local procurement and local employment
iv. There is a coordinated stakeholder engagement strategy that involves the relevant internal teams such as CSR, External Affairs, and Security among others
v. All social incidents are investigated and closed in a systematic manner

To further enhance our performance and governance on security matters, we have established a security Community of Practice. This CoP has been tasked to implement the recommendations of the Voluntary Principles on Security and Human Rights, which are recognised as global best practices for managing private and public security forces.

Social Governance at Vedanta

Our social governance structure is founded on a social framework that includes management and technical standards and guidelines that are an integral part of the Vedanta Sustainability Framework (VSF). This social ethos is aligned with the International Finance Corporation (IFC) performance standards and based on industry best practices from organisations such as the International Council on Mining and Metals (ICMM). To ensure the effective implementation of our CSR initiatives, we have established a CSR Council, consisting of senior business leaders, CSR Heads and CSR Executives from all our business units. The Council meets monthly to discuss and make decisions on important matters related to CSR. The CSR Council is accountable to our Board CSR Committee, which approves the CSR budget, plans and reviews progress.



In addition to the execution of our long-term social development agenda, we were also among the foremost Indian companies which stood in solidarity with the larger community during these challenging times. We pledged ~₹150 crore to help the country in its fight against the second wave of COVID-19 and undertook several initiatives including setting up of field hospitals in several states.


UN Social Development Goals (SDG) and Target Linkage

Goal: SDG 2

Zero Hunger

Target: 2.1 - End hunger and ensure access to safe, nutritious, and sufficient food, all year round

Target: 2.2 - End all forms of malnutrition

Goal: SDG 4

Ensure inclusive and equitable quality education and promote lifelong learning opportunities for all

Target: 4.4 - Increase the number of youth and adults who have relevant skills, including technical and vocational skills, for employment, decent jobs and entrepreneurship

Goal: SDG 6

Clean water & sanitation

Target: 6.6 - Protect and restore water-related eco-systems

Goal: SDG 8

Economic Growth & Decent work for all

Target: 8.6 - Reduce youth unemployment, illiteracy, unproductivity