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Cairn Foundation, a registered not-for-profit society under the Haryana Registration & Regulation of Societies Act, 2012 serves as the governing body that executes the CSR initiatives of Cairn Oil & Gas, Vedanta ltd. Cairn Oil & Gas, Vedanta Ltd. is the largest private oil and gas exploration and production company in India, accounting for more than a quarter of India’s domestic crude oil production. The company is committed to conducting all its business activities in a socially responsible, ethical, and environmentally sustainable manner while continuously working towards improving the Human Development Index (HDI) in its operational areas across Rajasthan, Gujarat, Andhra Pradesh, and Assam.

In the financial year 2020-2021, ~ 4 crore people (Direct - 10,51,095 & Indirect – 3,93,15,243) have been benefited across ~313 villages in Rajasthan, Gujarat, Andhra Pradesh, Assam, and Delhi NCR through our various CSR programs.

A brief description of social intervention across the thematic areas are as follows.

Children Well-being and Education

To achieve a sustainable change investing on improving the overall status of women and children is imperative. On similar lines, there are five initiatives under this thematic area implemented across Rajasthan & Gujarat.

1. Nand Ghar

The project aims to strengthen the efficacy of government's Integrated Child Development Services (ICDS) Program, to improve the health and well-being of children in the age group of 3-6 years and linking women to sustainable livelihood & economic empowerment opportunities in 49 Nand Ghars of Barmer district of Rajasthan state.

Project Highlights

  • 17,695 beneficiaries were impacted by this project, out of which 2,985 direct beneficiaries associated with the project while 14,710 were indirect beneficiaries.
  • More than 500 adolescent girls trained on menstrual health and hygiene.
  • 20 Nutri Garden /Poshan Vatika developed by leveraging with Gram Panchayat and ICDS, along with creating provision of hot cooked food at all 49 Nand Ghars.
  • Owing to the safety of all children during Covid times, Home based /Dhani based ECE sessions are being conducted in which close to 800 children engaged each month.
  • Through various online capacity building and awareness sessions (Siksha Sanchar) more than 500 parents are been engaged daily.
Project E-kaksha

Cairn Oil & Gas Vedanta ltd. launched the digital education program “e-kaksha” in May20. E-kaksha is a tripartite MoU between Cairn, Department of Education and Mission Gyan with an intent to provide free and quality education for students of Class 6th to 12th in Hindi medium for government and private schools of Rajasthan through digital platforms.

Project Highlights

The project has a reach of 2,93,232 subscriptions while a total of 3,83,69,313 viewers on you tube channel, till March’21.

The learning videos developed under this project are being disseminated across all 33 districts of Rajasthan through government channels.

Anganwadi intervention The project focuses on Strengthening the efficacy of government's Integrated Child Development Services (ICDS) Program, to improve the health and well-being of children in the age group of 3-6 years. The three main objectives of this intervention were to create access to state-of-the-art Anganwadi centers with all basic facilities, provide need-based support services (as per the baseline study analysis) to ensure holistic development of children and carry out IEC activities to create sense of ownership among all.

Project highlights –

  • The baseline study has been completed across all 15 selected anganwadis, finalizing the intervention areas as well as creating the base for tracking the project progress.
  • All infrastructure development work has been completed in the 15 selected Anganwadi.
  • Close to 1794 children and community members have benefited from this project.

Ghar Baithe Gyan Ganga -Cairn initiated an education intervention in 33 identified schools across our Gujarat operational areas with the objective to improve the basic school infrastructure, introduce behavioral change sessions, conduct capacity building training of teachers and include smart classes for improving the overall academic results.

With changing scenario due to COVID-19 pandemic, it was getting difficult for the students to make sense of this sudden change where everyone seemed to be uncertain and stressed. Efforts were to be made to ensure that the students of these schools are positively engaged to ensure their learning is not hampered nor they feel left out and unprepared to deal with the new normal. Cairn initiated a unique e-connect program "Ghar Baithe Gyan Ganga”.

Program highlights

  • Infrastructure development has been completed in almost 33, along with behavioral sessions twice a month.
  • The program focused on reaching out to all students who have access to android phone and disseminate various modules on creating awareness about COVID-19 and its related precautionary measures to start with.
  • In a series of discussion with school principals close to 1419 student data base was prepared across these 33 schools who have been engaged through multiple sessions.
  • Over the entire year close to 49,850 children and community members have been impacted through various interventions under this project.
Community Helpdesk Project

The project aims to improve the overall community access and strengthen the utilization of various Government schemes applicable across Gujarat, through setting up of 6 Community Helpdesk Centres around the Cairn operational areas.

Project Highlights

  • 10,201 community members have been impacted through this project, out of which 1,687 have availed benefits from various government scheme benefits.
  • 6 community helpdesks have been established across villages where various awareness drives have been conducted, impacting close to 8514 community members.

To improve the overall health status of community at large, Cairn has customized its approach into a three-tier intervention, where focus in on preventive healthcare while mitigating the challenge of affordability and accessibility of quality healthcare services. There are currently three major interventions under this thematic area, as follows.

Mobile Health Vans

Mobile Health Vans have been able to effectively provide affordable, accessible, reliable, and quality preventive health care services to the beneficiaries at their doorstep. There are three partner agencies, namely – HelpAge India and Dhara Sansthan, engaged in delivering the services across 241 villages in Rajasthan and Gujarat.

Project Highlights

  • Through 7 MHV this year a total of 1,96,528 community members have been touched.
  • Various camps have been conducted this year with a key focus on creating awareness on COVID precautions, basic health 7 hygiene, menstrual health, etc. benefiting close to 20,000 people.
  • More than 5000 sanitary napkins have been distributed to Women/adolescent girls, under the endeavor of promoting awareness and better menstrual health and hygiene practices in community at large.

Support to District Hospital project – (Specialist Doctors & cleanliness intervention) - In order to better the medical facilities available in the district hospital, two major interventions have been initiated by the company – 1st - ‘Green Barmer, Clean Barmer’ campaign focusing on creating awareness among citizens of Barmer on health and hygiene; and 2nd - Strengthening the health services offered at government district hospital by providing three medical specialists. These specialists include a female gynecologist, an ENT specialist, and a general surgeon.

Project Highlights

  • This year, a total of 39,361 community members benefited through the services provided by Cairn supported 3 doctors in District hospital.
  • Under the “Clean Barmer Green Barmer Intervention” 62 staff have been diligently working towards ensuring the hospital premises and facilities are clean.
  • Intensive sanitization and cleanliness drives are been carried out at District hospital to ensure maximum care is taken to mitigate the effects of COVID-19 pandemic.
  • Close to 698198 people visited District hospital and availed the cleanliness support extended by Cairn in improving district hospital facilities.
  • In addition to the above, under initiative of GOI, it was asked to capture patient feedback for the services received at the hospital through user-friendly multiple channels such as SMS, Outbound Dialing, mobile application, and web portal. In this survey, Barmer District hospital ranked 1st amongst 28 district hospitals for the 2nd time in row.
Support to PHC

In collaboration with Department of Health & Medical Office, East Godavari District, a Primary Health Centre (PHC) in Surasaniyanam village has been constructed and is being supported by 11 medical professionals to attend to emergency cases and provide immediate first aid.

Total of 14292 community members benefited from various health services provided by Cairn supported PHC (OPD’s, IP’s, lab test, etc.)

Agriculture & Animal Husbandry
Barmer Unnati

Barmer Unnati program is aimed at increasing the income of farming community through productivity enhancement of agriculture and livestock.

Project highlights

  • To increase the income of farming community in Barmer district in Rajasthan through productivity enhancement of agriculture Natural Resource Management and livestock project ’Barmer Unnati’ was initiated in 2014 by Cairn Oil & Gas to benefit 12,000 farmers through various interventions like horticulture demonstrations, construction & renovation of traditional water harvesting structures like Khadin, etc.
  • In addition to the regular activities of the project, a financial contribution of 28% of the project cost has been leveraged from partners and community members.
  • This intervention led to the cultivation of broccoli for the first time in Barmer district and has also gained a wide traction on natural resource management with the construction and development of 1200+ wadis, 830+ Khadin’s, 25 Nadi’s, 100 organic compost pits and interventions on backyard poultry farming.
  • Dairy Development Project

    A flagship program of Vedanta Cairn Oil & Gas, started with an aim to enhance the income of dairy farmers and mitigating regional problems such as adulteration of milk, the involvement of middleman, lack of bargaining power, etc. Since its inception, the project has had a significant impact by engaging more than 5000 farmers across 56 villages. Average milk collection has increased from 250 liters/day at INR 8 to 10 per liter in 2009, to 19804 liters/day at INR 42.89 per liter in 2021.

    Project highlights

    • A total of 34685 family members are benefiting, across 56 villages, 10 additional villages this year.
    • An average increase of 5,000 liters of milk per day has taken milk collection from 12,500 liters/per day to 19804 liters/day sold on INR 42.89 per liter price as compared to the market rate of INR 30 per liter.
    • Cumulative revenue generated under this project to date is 1051.07 million.
    • 10 milk cooperatives dairies running in self-sustainable mode.
    • Enhanced farmers average Incomes up to INR 12,500/ per month additionally.
    • 329 women have been engaged across 28 Self-Help Groups (SHGs) and have ensured savings of INR 1295790 to date. These women are trained in allied activities and linked with financial institutions like the ICICI bank for soft loans. These groups have received a loan of ~INR 32 lakh to date.
    • To enhance the milk productivity, more than 1706 farmers in 44 Villages have been provided with Napier grass and fodder beet, resulting in the production of 8750-ton green fodder for around 17000 animals in such harsh climatic conditions.
    • Through innovative initiatives like Mobile Veterinary Vans and one-stop solution shops more than 2959 Families have benefitted.
    • Skill Development

      One of the pressing needs of the community has been employment, for which Cairn has established two vocational skill training centres, namely – Cairn Enterprise Centre (CEC), Barmer and Cairn Centre of Excellence (CCoE) Jodhpur. Through these centres, various vocational courses in electricians, masonry, computer, plumber, etc. is been imparted.

      Project Highlights

      • A total of 629 students have been enrolled & trained in Cairn vocational training institute (CEC) located at Barmer.
      • Considering the COVID situation, the CEC first time introduced online courses like GST and DRA (Data Recovery Analysis) and developed total 90 local youths as private practitioner & consultants for business services.
      • The center has recorded 80 per cent placement with an average salary of INR 10,000 to 12,000.
      • On the request of the administration and community needs, CEC has organized training on CPR (Cardiac Pulmonary Recissions) for different selected sectors youth & employees like police department, Urban Home guards, Civil Defiance, NCC & NSS cadets. More than 300 Participants attended the sessions in favors of social welfare.
      Sports & Culture

      To further strengthen and promote fitness, wellness and sports initiatives, Cairn has taken conscious steps through interventions such as supporting para-athletes and providing financial assistance to represent India in the Paralympics Games at National and International levels. In addition to also promote mass awareness through Cairn Pink City Half Marathon.

      Project Highlights

      • Regular coaching, sports training, and nutritional support for 10 para-athletes from across country.
      • Ms. Bhawana Sharma as per weightlifter won gold Medal in 18th Para Power lifting championship at National Level.
      • The 5th edition of Cairn Pink City Virtual Half Marathon was one of the record-breaking events which has witnessed the registration of more than 40,000 participants from across 23 countries. The event was centered around the theme ‘Mask Hi Vaccine Hain’ and bagged an entry in UK World book of records for largest virtual marathon.
      Community Infrastructure Development

      Cairn Oil & Gas, Vedanta Ltd. has undertaken these infrastructure development projects to bring Barmer from the state of backwardness to mainstream in tandem with the green & smart city initiative.

      Project Highlights:

      • The improved aesthetic value of the conspicuous places in Barmer with interventions like plantation and improvement of Saras Parlor public park, Collectorate Circle, Green belt development along Border Security Force (BSF) Road, improvement of Mallinath Circle, development of Slope Garden, renovation of under flyover public park, have increased the footfall of community at these places with improved amenities for recreational activities.
      • Regular maintenance work on-going to ensure 95 per cent plant survival across the green area development. More than 2,310 plants are currently thriving across project locations.
      • More than 35,000 footfalls have been recorded this year.
      Environment & restoration

      To address the issue of electricity in rural schools, Cairn initiated a solar electrification project in 100 Adarsh schools. The project is expected to lead to several benefits including provision of increased infrastructural facilities in rural Barmer schools furthering a better academic environment and reducing absenteeism among students.

      Project Highlights

      • Effective utilization of the school with electricity in rural area during COVID 19 lockdown period, more than 1700 community members benefited as they were quarantine during the COVID situation.
      • During the period schools were re-opened, close to 6170 students benefited from the facilities provided to these schools.
      Water & Sanitation

      In order to address the shortage of safe drinking water, Cairn has launched this project where focus providing doorstep access to safe drinking water. There are largely two initiatives under this – Supply of Safe drinking water through community RO plants & through community Borewells.

      Project Highlights -

      • 124 RO units have been successful established across Barmer in partnership with PHED government department.
      • Close to 1,06,651 community members have benefited from these community run RO plants.
      • 10 borewells have been developed in the remotest of villages to create access to water for all. Close to 12,000 families benefit from these plants.
      • Furthermore, as a cascading effort, these 10 bore wells cover ten gram-panchayats serving to more than 30 villages and over 18000 family members 24X7.
      • The operation & maintenance of these bore wells is going on by Public Health & engineering department (PHED ) and same has been handed over to the GOVT department for sustainability
      • Positive feedback has been received, based on the regular interaction with the community and sarpanches at these villages.
      OALP Intervention – Assam

      Livelihood and Community Mobilization project has been initiated in January 2021 in Jorhat District of Assam covering 25 villages in and around business our operation areas. The project is implemented “Seven Sisters Development Assistance” (SeSTA). The major focused areas/activities under the project includes -

      • Community Connect (Jan Samvad)
      • Community Mobilization events
      • Livelihood development through skill development and self-help groups
      • Village Infrastructure Development
      Project Highlights

      • 51 Jan Samvad/Community Connect conducted
      • Orientation of District and Block ASRLMS Officials on Cairn Vedanta CSR project and tripartite agreement signed for social project implementation.
      • Close to 6,254 community members have been impacted through various training on livelihood opportunities.
      • More than 1000 people have been engaged across various Community mobilization events like – women day celebration, cricket tournament health camps, etc.
      • Under infrastructure intervention - Renovation/Repairing of 5 AWCs (Brown Field Nand-Ghar) have been initiated.
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