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Konkola Copper Mines makes this budding journalist's dream come true

Nyawa Tembo -


Nyawa Tembo
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Nyawa Tembo smiles easily. Get her to talk about her future plans, and you will see the young girl's eyes gleam with determination. But life has not been so easy for the eleventh-grader in Zambia. Her mother, Jane Musukwa is a single parent whose only source of income is the salary she gets as domestic help.

I want my daughter to pursue her dreams, but it hasn't been easy. I have a brilliant child but it is a struggle to pay for her education because money is scarce. She is one of the best performing students in Kitwe, Zambia, and is loved by her teachers. But, she finds it difficult trying to study in a one-bedroom flat that she shares with me and her two cousins.

Fortunately, hope has come in the form of KCM. Seeing Nyawa's potential, they have awarded her a $830 annual scholarship to complete her education at the Ndola Girls Technical High School. She has also been provided with basic educational tools such as exercise books. I am very happy and extremely grateful to KCM.

Buoyed with new confidence, Nyawa is well on the way to realising her dream of studying journalism and owning a media company. Today, she is a proud member of her school's press club, where she is recognised for her significant contribution to their weekly gazette.