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With a little help from Vedanta, this farmer transforms her patch of land into a field of dreams

Mandakini Patel -

Jharsuguda, Odisha

Mandakini Patel
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Mandakini Patel's daily routine revolved around toiling from dawn to dusk, along with her family, at the small piece of land they owned. For several years, the survival of the Patel family depended upon whatever little they produced from their land. However, due to lack of proper guidance about the crop cycles and seasonal produce, life was extremely difficult for the family despite all the hard labour.

Being able to earn enough to take care of the family's basic needs became our life's motive. For us, our land was all we had. With no understanding of what we could plant year round we would try and get the most out of our land. Finally, in a bid to better our prospects, I joined the Vedanta Integrated Jana Jivika Yojana (VIJJY*) and was soon also a part of the Subhalaxmi Cooperative (a flagship project under VIJJY). Here, I was trained in floriculture (marigold), potato and onion cultivation and other best practices of vegetable cultivation. I even availed a loan from the Cooperative, which helped me diversify my agricultural operations.

Today Mandakini is able to save nearly INR 20 everyday in the Subhalaxmi Daily Deposit scheme. Her monthly income has gone up from a few hundred to nearly INR 4,000 a month. During the peak season, it even goes as high as INR 30,000 - an amount this farmer family had never before dreamed of earning. Equipped with her crop cultivation expertise, Mandakini aims take her farming to even more inspiring heights in the coming years.


*Under Vedanta Integrated Jan Jeevika Yojana (VIJJY) training is given on rearing goats, badi papad, reverse osmosis, puffed rice unit, driving, tailoring unit, leaf plate unit and systems for rice intensification. VIJJY also facilitated the development of 115 micro enterprises.