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The Company is using its website as the primary means of communicating with shareholders and this site contains all you need to know about your shareholding, and steps you can take to help us provide the best possible service to you.

By communicating with you electronically we can improve our service to you, reduce the environmental impact of our shareholder mailings and save on printing and postage costs.

I hope you find this site useful, but if you have any comments on the site, please let us know using the feedback tools provided.


Dividends are usually paid twice a year in August and December and by default are paid to shareholders by cheque in US Dollars. However shareholders can elect to receive dividends in UK Pounds Sterling via a Currency Election or in Indian Rupees for shareholders resident in India where they have set up a bank mandate and provided the Company's Registrar with their bank details.

Dividend bank mandates

By setting up a dividend mandate, you will:

  • Receive your dividends in your UK bank account on the dividend payment date;
  • Avoid the inconvenience and delay of having to pay a cheque into your account;
  • Avoid the risk of losing your dividend cheque in the post;
  • Reduce the Company's printing, paper and postage costs, and in turn the environmental impacts of these.

Indian Rupee Payments

The Electronic Clearing Service (ECS) enables the credit of dividend payments to a bank account promptly in Indian Rupees for shareholders resident in India.  Shareholders can download the ECS mandate for completion via the Investor Centre (see below).

The information supplied on the ECS mandate form should be completed in all respects to include the Shareholder Reference Number and returned to the paying agent,Karvy Computershare at the address supplied on the form.

Currency Election

Vedanta shareholders can elect to receive their dividends in UK Pounds Sterling (or change their existing Sterling currency election back to US Dollars) by completing and returning a Currency Election Form to the Company's Registrar.

A form can be downloaded from the Company's Registrar, Computershare under the Amendments section of 'Downloadable Forms' on Investor Centre (see link below).

Electronic Communications

Vedanta is committed to reducing its impact on the environment and aims to communicate with its shareholders through its website, wherever possible.Shareholders are therefore encouraged to elect to receive electronic communications instead of hard copy documents. By electing for electronic communications, shareholders will receive an email notification when a document is available to view on the Company's website. This is beneficial to shareholders as it enables the timely receipt of information and also helps the Company to minimise its environmental impact.

Please see below for further details on electing for electronic communications, and other online services available to shareholders designed to help you manage your shareholding more effectively.

Shareholder Online Services

Shareholders can view their Vedanta shareholding online via the Investor Centre site.

Why use the Investor Centre?

On the Investor Centre you can:

  • Access details of your individual Vedanta shareholding quickly and securely online;
  • Change your personal details such as address online;*
  • Elect to receive important shareholder communications by email or in hard copy format;
  • View your transaction and dividend payment history;
  • Arrange for future dividend payments to be made directly to your UK bank or building society account and change your existing instructions;
  • View your dividend election online; and
  • Download useful forms.

* For holdings valued at less than £25,000.

How to access the Investor Centre?

You may access the Investor Centre by visiting

To log into the site, you will need:

  • Your Shareholder Reference Number (10 digit number preceded by one alphabetical character e.g C0000012345 ) which you can find at the top of any shareholder correspondence received from Computershare; and
  • Your postcode

You will also be asked to agree to the terms and conditions of the site before you may access your shareholding.

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