Sustainability Committee

Membership and attendance

The Sustainability Committee comprises the following members and met on four occasions for the year ended March 2016:


Number of meetings attended

 Percentage attendance

Euan Macdonald, Chair 

4/4 100%

Tom Albanese

4/4 100%

Kishore Kumar 

4/4 100%

Katya Zotova

1/1 100%

Roma Balwani (Member Secretary)

4/4 100%

Main Responsibilities

The main responsibilities of the Sustainability Committee are:

  • To advise on sustainability policies and framework, clearly setting out the commitments of the group to manage matters of sustainable development effectively;
  • To review and approve targets for sustainability performance and report to the Board with respect to their appropriateness and assess progress towards achieving those targets;
  • To recommend initiatives required to institutionalise a sustainability culture through involvement of leadership, employees and communities at all levels;
  • To review and report to the Board, the performance of the Group and the Group companies with respect to the implementation of the Vedanta Sustainability Framework through the Sustainability Assurance Programme so that sustainability and reputation related risks are assessed, controlled and managed effectively; and
  • To approve the Sustainability Report prior to publication.

The full terms of reference of Sustainability Committee can be found here, and are also available on request from the Company Secretary. 

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