Remuneration Committee

Membership and Attendance

The members of the Remuneration Committee who served during the year, all of whom are independent Non-Executive Directors, are shown below together with their attendance at Remuneration Committee meetings for the year ended 31 March 2017:


Number of meetings attended

 Percentage attendance

Euan Macdonald, Chairman¹

(until 5th August 2016 )

1/1 100%

Aman Mehta 

3/3 100%

Deepak Parekh²

1/2 50%

Geoffrey Green, Chairman

3/3 100%

Katya Zotova

3/3 100%

¹Mr Euan Macdonald retired from the Board on 5 August 2016

²Mr Deepak Parekh became a member of the Remuneration Committee on 5 August 2016

Main Duties

The Committee’s responsibilities primarily include:

  • setting the Group’s overall policy on executive and senior management remuneration;
  • determining the remuneration packages for individual Executive Directors, including base compensation, performance-based short- and long-term incentives, pensions and other benefits;
  • approving the design and operation of the Company’s share incentive schemes; and
  • reviewing and determining the terms of the service agreements of the Executive Directors

The full terms of reference for the Remuneration Committee can be found here, and are also available on request from the Company Secretary. 

Corporate Governance

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