Wheels of fortune

Vedanta Aluminium trains the young man in motor driving, gives him a steady job and helps him educate his daughters

Manohar Oram -

Jharsuguda, Odisha

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For Manohar Oram- an in-village welder - a stable job was a distant dream. Trying to sustain a family of a wife and 4 daughters on an irregular income was getting increasingly difficult for Manohar. While on the lookout for a steady job, he was discovered by Vedanta. Thus began Manohar's story.

A welder in a village has a very limited source of income. For days I would wait for one customer to come to me and would return home dejected every day. I would worry about my four daughters who I had to look after. Life was definitely not kind.

Then, Vedanta hired and trained me in motor driving; soft skill development and further appointed me as a shuttle bus operator in their plant.

Today, Manohar has served several years at Vedanta and earns a steady income - an experience previously unknown to him. He has even enrolled his daughters at a nearby school to ensure that they grow up to be independent and self-sufficient individuals. With his content smile and happy demeanour, Manohar demonstrates that with hard work and a little outside help, no dream is too distant.