What We Do

What we do

Vedanta Resources Plc supplies natural resources that help the world grow. Our major products are zinc-lead-silver, iron ore, steel, copper, aluminium, power, oil and gas. Our strategic capabilities and alliances are singularly focused on creating and preserving value for our wide stakeholder groups and our clientele.

Geographically, our operations are centred in India, Africa and Australia with over 65,000. We have undertaken several Greenfield and Brownfield expansion projects throughout the world, successfully completed capital expansions involving complex technologies and large investments, in record time and at significantly lower costs.

Value Chain:


We have consistently added more to our Reserves and Resources ('R&R') through brownfield and greenfield activities. This helps us to extend the lives of our existing mines and oilfields.

Asset Development

We have a strong track record of executing projects on time and within budget. We take special care to develop the resource base to optimise production and increase the life of the resource. We also strategically develop processing facilities.


Our operations are focused on exploring and producing metals, extracting oil & gas and generating power. We operate in India, Africa and Australia; extract zinc-lead-silver,iron ore, steel, copper and aluminium. We have three operating blocks in India producing oil & gas.


We produce refined metals by processing and smelting extracted minerals at our zinc, lead, silver, copper, and aluminium smelters, and other processing facilities in India and Africa. For this purpose, we generate captive power as a best practice measure and sell any surplus power.

Value Addition

We meet market requirements by converting the primary metals produced into value added products such as sheets, rods, bars, rolled products, etc. at our zinc, aluminium and copper businesses.

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